Singapore Macarons Gift Sets For Nephew Darryl’s Birthday Guests

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Above: Passion Fruit (yellow), Lychee (pink). Durian (green) and Oreo (white) macarons


This week was my nephew Darryl Poh's birthday, and because he had malaysian relatives and friends coming over, his mom requested for some macaron gift sets to be given to them as gifts for showing up for his birthday.

I didn't have any new flavours since CNY to offer, so I decided to go with some CNY flavours as well as the improved Oreo flavoured macaroms which kids absolutely loved!


Singapore Macarons Gift Sets

Above: The gift sets, ready to be given away.


It's sad to say that I'm limited on the flavours of the macarons. And thus far, I've only got a handful that were successfully made into nice flavours, namely:

  1. Mandarin Orange
  2. Lychee
  3. Passion Fruit
  4. Oreo (or cookies and cream)
  5. Mango
  6. Chocolate
  7. Blueberry
  8. Macha Green Tea
  9. Raspberry

I'll need to work hard to add more to my collection of flavours, and thus far, in the works are:

  1. Mocha
  2. Latte
  3. Lavender
  4. Rose
  5. etc…

Hopefully by then, I'll be able to make a wider variety of flavours and perhaps, exotic ones too. 🙂


  1. try banana macaroon shells with a nutella & peanut butter chocolate ganache filling. made these few days back. turned to be an instant hit with family and friends. =)

    • Wow Jeff, they sound pretty sweet in taste. Because Asians don't really like sweet stuff, that's why I never thought about making them. But hey, I think a bitter chocolate ganache might work? Do you have a recipe to share here? 🙂

      • Hi Kevin,

        I actually dried my own bananas before blitzing them in the food processor. i mixed ripe and unriped ones, which helps balances out the sweetness. Added the powder to my batter. The shells were yummy enough to be eaten on it's own. (I actually polished off a good 20 shells before reality struck me. LOL) My recipe:

        115g almonds
        230g powdered sugar
        18g bana powder
        144g egg whites
        72g sugar
        (it's through the french method though)

        As for the ganache, it's just any regular ganache (yes, i used 70% bitter chocolate), added a few tablespoons of nutella and peanut butter and whipped it up (the whipped mixture wans't too stiff. i think the fat contents in the nutella and peanut butter might have affected it), depending on how you like the mixture to taste.

        The idea came to me randomly when i thought of turning a favourite snack (peanut butter + nutella + banana + chocolate chips with bread) into a macaroon. yes, i am that ambitious. Took me a few attempts before i managed to churn out the perfect batch. haha

        With regards to the alcohol extract, it wasn't really for the woozy feel, but more of the playful hint, so that's why it worked for me. Haha. But i did try brushing a bit of alcoholic-sugar syrup for a more pronounced flavour (and to skip the aging of the macaroons. imma sucker for sweet stuffs. haha) 

        Do feel free to email me. Would be great to share techniques and recipes. =)

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