Mocha Macarons

Above: Mocha macarons in their final state.


People usually tell me that macarons are only for people with sweet tooth, and I might agree with that…

But I guess not quite…

Enter mocha macarons, with bitter sweet coffee macaron shells with semi sweet milk chocolate ganache.


Above: Piped mocha macarons shell



Above: Baked mocha macaron shells closeup


Contrary to traditional macaron shells, mocha macarons actually have a bitter taste because I added coffee powder to it. And to counter the bitter macaron taste, I had to fill it up with semi sweet milk chocolate ganache.


Above: Completed mocha macarons with semi sweet milk chocolate ganache


I've let many friends and family members give this a go, and they all agreed on one common thing, that this flavour is an adults only flavour due to the strong bitter taste from the coffee. Even if there was sweetness from the milk chocolate ganache, the combination wasn't something a child would enjoy.

I for one don't take coffee, but I sure enjoyed the union of the bitter shell with the semi-sweet milk chocolate ganache filling. This definitely makes for a great idea I can use for a big macaron dessert in the future. 🙂


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