Giant Durian Macarons in Singapore!

giant durian macarons in Singapore

Not sure what came over me this week, but I had this idea to do up a giant macaron dessert, very much like the giant macarons I saw in some dessert shops. Never attempted one before in my life, so here goes… I decided to make a mega durian macaron, wth durian butter cream and […]

2013 Chinese New Year Macarons in Singapore

Chinese New Year Macarons In Singapore

Above: Chinese new year macarons for my friends and loved ones in 2013 Chinese new year has always been a special time for chinese all over the world, and chinese new year is always associated with lots of goodies, snacks and drinks for the young and old. And that's when I thought of doing CNY […]

First Singapore Macarons Tasting

Singapore macarons tasting

Above: The 4 Singapore macarons flavours for testing, namely: Raspberry (pink), Passion fruit (yellow), Green Tea (green), Chocolate (brown) The time has finally come… where I get to hear the comments from my friends who are involved in this first ever singapore macarons tasting. And it's going to be the first time I showcase this […]

Singapore Macarons – Gearing Up For First Macaron Tasting

Singapore Macarons Tasting

Getting ready for my first Singapore macarons tasting was a nerve wrecking yet exciting experience at the same time. Why? I believe you'll feel the same way too if you had more failed attempts than successful ones. But now that I've been practising Singapore macarons making for a while, I believe it's time for me […]

Singapore Macarons – Enter The “Italian Meringue” Method

Singapore Macarons - Italian Meringue Method

Above: Perfect white Singapore macarons shells after months of practise, using "Italian Meringue" recipe   After deciding to look for another master to learn from, I decided to turn to my good friend Joycelyn Sim ( to take classes. Both of us met at a cooking class almost 5 years ago, and our friendship keeps […]

Singapore Macarons – My Macaron Journey Begins

Singapore Macarons - French Meringue Method

Above: French Meringue Singapore macarons made during my first ever macarons class. Picture was taken 2 years ago. When I first started making Singapore macarons, I learnt from the same master chef that taught me all I knew about cake and tarts making. And back then, I didn't know that a variety of methods for […]

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