Samplers Box Set

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28 Different Macaron Flavours,

One Low Price!

Never before in Singapore have you seen such an array of flavours offered in a single box.

But now, you can truly taste 28 different flavours at one go, at such an affordable price!


Usual Price: $70.00

Sampler's Box Set Price: $39.90

Get As Many Sets As You Want!

We want to spread the joy of our macarons to everyone out there, so we are offering NO LIMITS to the number of sets you can get!

Get as many sets as you would like, and share them with your loved ones!

Use these macarons for your parties, as gifts for friends, or even just to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The sky's the limit!

How To Order

Just follow these easy steps to get your hands on these macaron samplers boxes:


Option 1: Walk-in Purchase (for 2 sets and under)

Just walk-in to our shop during our opening hours and buy on the spot. It's that easy.

We accept both cash and NETS payment, so it will be easy to make a purchase for everyone.

Note: We currently do not accept credit card payment. We're working hard to get a terminal so there are more options to pay. We will update on this option.


Option 2: Email Pre-order (for 3 sets or more, requires 3 working days advanced order)

Send us an email with the title "28pcs Macarons Samplers Boxes Order", at the following email address:

Provide us with the following details:

  • Name:
  • Contact Number:
  • Number of sets: 
  • Date of collection: (Mon – Fri only, excluding public holidays)
  • Time of collection: (10.00am to 7.00pm, Mon – Fri only, excluding public holidays)

And that's it! 

You'll get an email reply from us with an official invoice for your order if all is in place.

Then all you need to do is to pay for your order based on the instructions in the instructions in the invoice, and collect your sampler boxes on the day itself.

Option 3: Delivery (earliest next day deliveries. Weekdays only, not including public holidays)

A really affordable option at just $8.00/trip islandwide, or $13.00/trip to Sentosa, this is the best option for customers who want to save on travelling time.

Engage our third party delivery service for the 28pcs samplers box, regular box sets and more (max 4 sets per trip, regardless of box set sizes), and have them delivered to you.

Click here to learn how to place your orders for delivery. Terms and conditions for delivery will apply.


1) Do take some time out to read our Terms and Conditions, and Offer FAQs before making your order.

Once you submit your order form, you are considered to have agreed to our Terms and Conditions, as well as understood the details for this offer.

2) Should you have any other questions pertaining to this offer not covered in the "Offer FAQs" tab, feel free to contact us for more information. 

We look forward to serving you.

1) Due to the high volume of orders we get with this offer, for email pre-orders, it must be made 3 working days in advanced.

Place your orders via email, in the instructions given above.


2) Once your order email has been submitted, an invoice with your order details will be sent back to you.

Only when full payment has been made will your order be considered confirmed.

Payment options are ibanking and ATM funds transfer only. 


3) No choosing of flavours is allowed for this offer. Each box of 28pcs will contain all of the 28 flavours from

You can view the flavours by clicking here.


4) Converting the samplers box set offer into macaron doorgift sets and macaron tower packages strictly not allowed. This offer is only valid in 28pcs box sets.


5) reserves the rights to amend the above T&Cs without any prior notice.

1) Am I allowed to choose my flavours for this set?

The purpose of this offer is to allow customers to try all our flavours at a discounted price. As such, no choosing of flavours will be allowed.


2) How do I get to your shop?

It's easy. We have included instructions on how to come to our shop. 

You can learn more about our location and operating hours by clicking on this link.


3) I understand that you have smaller box sizes in 7pcs and 14pcs. Can I split my orders into smaller box sizes?

As this is a discounted offer, we won't be able to allow splitting of the order into smaller units.


4) I need the macarons as soon as possible, but it's less than the 3 days advanced order that you require. Are you able to make an exception for me?

We understand that customers may from time to time require macarons at a moments notice.

Should you need them urgently, you can contact us to check.

We cannot promise that we will be able to fulfill your order, but if we can, we will let you know when you call us.


5) How long can your macarons last should I wish to not consume them rightaway?

Our macarons keep well in the fridge for up to 7 days (day 1 being the day you purchase the macarons).

Be sure that you keep them in the boxes that they come in to ensure their freshness.


Should you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to contact us for more information.

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