Chilli Chocolate

CHILLI CHOCOLATE macaron in Singapore

Bet you didn’t know that chilli actually goes well with chocolate? Well, now you do! Presenting the Chilli Chocolate macaron. Enjoy the full taste of chocolate, followed by a spicy sensation at the back of your mouth after that. Read More

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee


Introducing a new edition to our macarons flavour family, the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee! Made using the finest coffee blend found only on the blue mountains of Jamaica, we promise you a coffee flavoured macaron like no other. Read More

Summer Berries

Summer Berry Macarons In Singapore

Wanna hear a berry good news? We decided to combine our American blueberry and Canadian Raspberry macarons into one, and it resulted into a new flavour that proved really popular! We promise you that you’ll fall head over heels with this new flavour! Read More


Bandung macarons in Singapore

Could you imagine anyone turning an old time favourite drink like the Bandung into a macaron? Neither could we, until we slept on the idea and made it a reality. Try it and tell us if it’s not close to the real thing. Only from Read More

Milo Nutella

Milo-Nutella macarons in Singapore

For some time now, fans have been asking us for Milo macarons as well as Nutella ones. And then we figured, why not combine the two and make a really unique and appealing flavour? And the result? Discover them for yourself, only from Read More

Ondeh Ondeh

Ondeh-Ondeh macarons in Singapore

Ondeh ondeh was the craze some time ago, with everyone turning this classic malay dessert into cakes, cupcakes, ice-creams, cookies, etc. And now, after many trials and testing, has finally mastered the art of turning this classic malay dessert into a delectable dessert. Read More

Black Velvet Nutella Cheesecake

Black-Velvet_Macarons In Singapore

Whenever people think about hazelnut spread, Nutella is the only thing that comes to mind. So much so that it has become everyone’s favorite chocolate spread. Combine with cheese, and you get a delectable Nutella Cheesecake flavoured macaron. Read More

Russian Earlgrey

Earl-Grey Singapore Macarons

For all the earl grey tea lovers out there, boy do we have good news. Presenting the Russian Earlgrey macarons, only from Try it, and get prepared to fall in love with it.Read More

Speculoos Cookie Butter

Speculoos-Cookie-Butter Macarons In Singapore

Presenting the hottest trend in butter spreads that’s sweeping Singapore like raging fire. And now, the Speculoos Cookie Butter is available in a macaron, only from Check out what many Singaporeans are getting crazy over right this moment. Read More

Chinese White Peach

Chinese-White-Peach Singapore Macarons

Widely mentioned in Chinese legends and used in Asian festivals, the Chinese White Peach is not just tasty, but refreshing too. Now, you can get this flavour in a macaron, only from Read More

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