Chocolate Orange Zest – OUT

Choco-Orange-Zest Macarons In Singapore

Flavoured chocolates can get lots of raved reviews when done well, and that’s what we hope to achieve with our Chocolate Orange Zest macarons. Did we achieve it? We believe we did. Check out this exclusive flavour right now. Read More

Dark Chocolate – OUT

Dark Chocolate Macarons In Singapore

Presenting the Dark Chocolate macaron… Double Chocolate’s "EVIL" twin brother. Although with more cocoa content, it’s actually less sinful as the higher cocoa content gives this macaron more health benefits. So if you’re looking for a less sweet and healthier chocolate macaron, this is it… Read More

Nescafe Mocha – OUT

Nescafe-Mocha_Macarons In Singapore

Ever heard of a bitter macaron before? Well, now you have, thanks to our Nescafe Mocha macaron. This is one of the flavours in our store that we’re so proud of, because it leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth, something that’s unheard of in macarons, until now. Read More

Hojicha Latte – OUT

Hojicha-Latte_Singapore Macarons

Love Japanese matcha…? Then you’ll no doubt love the Japanese hojicha, which is roasted Japanese green tea. So well loved is this flavour, that many food businesses are introducing the Japanese hojicha latte as one of the newest items on their menus. And now, they are here at Read More

Home Made Peanut Butter – OUT

Peanut Butter ranks as one of our all time favourite spreads with bread and biscuits, so we figured out, why not have our favourite spread with our favourite french cookie, and share it with the world? Read More

Colorado Rose – OUT

Colorado-Rose_Macarons In Singpapore

Rose flavoured macarons have been a long time fan favourite due to their subtle floral fragrance that add a hint of class. Using only the best rose water direct from Colorado USA, we infused it into our famous Italian buttercream to bring you rose macarons like no other… Read More

American Blueberry – OUT

American-Blueberry_Macarons In Singapore

Using blueberries grown in the United States of America, we are indeed putting their years of experience in harvesting the finest berries, for use in our macarons. And the result? The best tasting blueberry macarons your money can buy. Read More

Chocolate Mint – OUT


What’s a good chocolate flavour that will appeal to adults? From our experience, it’s none other than the chocolate mint. Trust us, we have so many adults that go crazy over these, it’s always the first flavour to run out when we showcase them during an adult only party. Read More

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