Mocha Macarons

Above: Mocha macarons in their final state.   People usually tell me that macarons are only for people with sweet tooth, and I might agree with that… But I guess not quite… Enter mocha macarons, with bitter sweet coffee macaron shells with semi sweet milk chocolate ganache. Above: Piped mocha macarons shell   Above: Baked […]

Singapore Macarons Gift Sets For Nephew Darryl’s Birthday Guests

Singapore Macarons Gift Sets

Above: Passion Fruit (yellow), Lychee (pink). Durian (green) and Oreo (white) macarons   This week was my nephew Darryl Poh's birthday, and because he had malaysian relatives and friends coming over, his mom requested for some macaron gift sets to be given to them as gifts for showing up for his birthday. I didn't have […]

Giant Durian Macarons in Singapore!

giant durian macarons in Singapore

Not sure what came over me this week, but I had this idea to do up a giant macaron dessert, very much like the giant macarons I saw in some dessert shops. Never attempted one before in my life, so here goes… I decided to make a mega durian macaron, wth durian butter cream and […]

Singapore Macarons – Enter The “Italian Meringue” Method

Singapore Macarons - Italian Meringue Method

Above: Perfect white Singapore macarons shells after months of practise, using "Italian Meringue" recipe   After deciding to look for another master to learn from, I decided to turn to my good friend Joycelyn Sim ( to take classes. Both of us met at a cooking class almost 5 years ago, and our friendship keeps […]

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