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We are Macarons.sg, and we serve great tasting macarons in Singapore. See the rating on our facebook page and you'll know that to be true.

Macarons in Singapore have been gaining much popularity lately, and it's getting more and more common to see them in shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants.

However, if you've tried them, we're sure you find many of them way too sweet for our local tastebuds.

In fact, many complaints we heard of macarons are that they only taste of sugar and nothing else. One can't actually taste any actual flavours in store bought macarons.

And That's Where We Come In…

Macarons In Singapore

After hearing so much dissatisfaction about macarons in Singapore, we decided that it was enough. 

If we were to make macarons, they better blow the competition out of the water.

So we started to make uniquely Asian flavoured macarons, such as the Asian Honey Mango, Chinese Lychee and the Chinese White Peach.

And recently, we even added uniquely Asian flavours like ondeh ondeh, bandung, and the Thai Iced Tea to our menu.

If there's one reason why people love our macarons in Singapore, it's because not only are they less sweet compared to the conventional macarons you find sold elsewhere, they actually do taste like the flavours that they are named after.

Check out our latest flavours here to see what we currently offer.

But That's Not All…

giant macaron cakes in singapore

A Giant Macaron Cake For a Birthday

Besides our conventional regular sized round macarons, we also offer 5 inch macarons, wedding packages, baby shower door gifts and more.

Some things that allow our macarons in Singapore to stand out are our unique macaron products.

Surf around our site for more information.

And we will even go one step to customize them to your requirements if it's within our means, because we believe macarons can be special desserts to share with you loved ones.

Unsurpassed Customer Service…

singapore macarons

Yes, we are proud of serving the best macarons in Singapore, but we also take a lot of pride in serving you, the customer, well! If our macarons and services don't make your day, it won't make ours either.

That is why our testimonials often have people praising us for our unsurpassed customer service experience. Talk to us and let us serve you, and get the good service you deserve.

Ready To Order?

For our regular macarons box sets, visit our online store to make your purchases. For other items like the macaron doorgift sets, macaron towers, or giant macaron cakes, just give us an email and allow us to help you out.

Have a pleasant day checking out our macarons in Singapore!

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