1) Are your macarons halal?
Yes! And that makes us one of the very few (if not, the only) officially halal certified macarons specialist in Singapore!
After getting so many requests to get our macarons officially halal certified, we have finally managed to meet all of MUIS requirements and get our macarons halal certified!
So put your mind at ease because you can now purchase our halal macarons in Singapore and share them with your muslim friends and loved ones!
2) How do I order macarons from your site should I want to make a preorder?
The easiest way is to email us, or contact us directly should you have very urgent orders. You can find our contact information on the Contact Us tab.
3) Do you usually have ready made macarons to sell in your store?
Yes definitely. We always have a healthy stock level of macarons to cater to your needs, even if it's a last minute request.
Feel free to walk into our shop to purchase our macarons on the spot.
And should you need to know how to get to our shop, do check out this link.
4) I wish to purchase macarons in bulk for an event. What do I do?
Again, contacting us via email is the best way to go about this.
Quotes for bulk orders will vary depending on how many macarons you will order in total, so do email us for a confirmed quote.
Do also let us know if you would like your macarons in tower or door gift forms, so we can quote you accordingly.
Check out the Macaron Tower and Macaron Doorgift sections respectively to see the options we have, so we can give you proper quotes.
5) Your macarons really look good! I have a cafe and would like to get your macarons to sell. Do you guys have an option for that?
Thank you for your compliments! And yes, we do have an option for that.
Just like the above, do contact us here for this option, and we'll furnish you with the details on how to order in bulk from us for your cafe.
6) I need special packaging for your macarons because I want to celebrate an important occassion. Do you have anything special?
Yes, we do, and the Macaron Doorgifts section will have options to serve your needs.
Once you see something suitable, you can contact us for a quote.
7) I have a question not answered here. How do I contact you to ask?
Do contact us by clicking here, and you'll be able to contact us either by email or through phone.
We usually reply your emails within 24 hours, but we do get really busy sometimes, and seek your understanding that we may sometimes take up to 48 hours to reply your emails.

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