Alcoholic Macarons In Singapore – Vodka Lime

Above: My first attempt at doing alcoholic macarons in singapore – vodka lime (a simple receipe)


Somewhere on the internet, a few alcoholic recipes for macarons got the better of me, and I decided to dive into them like I would when I try any recipe. But this is just so challenging, given the fact that I don't drink.

But in any case, my friends do and they are so going to be my guinea pigs for my alcoholic macarons in Singapore. And vodka lime macarons in Singapore will be the first of the many to come.

Vodka lime macarons in Singapore

Above: Piped out lime macaron shells. Check out their bright colours.


Vodka lime macarons in Singapore

Above: Ready and assembled vodka lime macarons in Singapore.


When the taste test came, one comment was common among many. "NOT ENOUGH ALCOHOL!" And they are correct. I hardly tasted any myself too.

But then again, with so much alcohol, it makes the cream too watery.

Looks like I'll need to figure out a way to make the alcohol stronger so people will finally truly be able to savour alcoholic macarons in Singapore.

But for now, I'll just enjoy them as lime macarons in Singapore. 🙂

Vodka lime macarons in Singapore




  1. how about alcohol flavours/extracts? since 1tsp flavouring = 1tbsp alcohol. might help bring out the flavour without adding too much liquid.

    • Hey there Jeff, thanks for your suggestions. Alcohol extracts tend not to be too strong in their alcoholic flavours, which is why I opted for the real alcohol. And I'm considering to use the 50% alcoholic content vodka next time as opposed to their normal 40% ones, so I get a greater alcohol sensation with less liquid. But are alcohol extracts working well for you? 🙂

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