Giant Oreo Macarons in Singapore

Giant Oreo Macarons In Singapore

Above: Giant Oreo macarons in Singapore. Giant because they are meant to be served as individual desserts.   The thing about many Singaporeans is this. Adults and kids alike love the delicious Oreo cookie with or without milk. So I thought of doing giant oreo macarons in Singapore to cater to both adults and kids. […]

Showcasing My Macarons In Singapore At SODE


Above: Alcoholic macarons in Singapore, being showcased at SODE.   SODE stands for School of Design And Entrepreneurship, and recently when they had a talk for aspiring F&B entrepreneurs, I expressed interest in giving the participants samples of my macarons in Singapore. Above: Networking at SODE, with my macarons in Singapore put on display for […]

Alcoholic Macarons In Singapore – Vodka Lime


Above: My first attempt at doing alcoholic macarons in singapore – vodka lime (a simple receipe)   Somewhere on the internet, a few alcoholic recipes for macarons got the better of me, and I decided to dive into them like I would when I try any recipe. But this is just so challenging, given the […]

Giant Macarons In Singapore – Like A Birthday Cake


Above: Mega macarons in singapore by   If you've ever seen the big huge macaron sold at Pauls (Takashimaya Singapore), you've seen nothing yet. Presenting the mega macarons by The inspiration for this huge macaron is not to challenge that of Paul's, but it was the brainchild of a friend of mine, when […]

Peanut Butter Macarons In Singapore


Above: One of a Kind Peanut Butter Macarons In Singapore.   I've always heard of the myth that other nuts can be made into macarons, and but I've never seend macarons in Singapore made from other nuts other than almonds. Of course, sure there are pistachio macarons in Singapore, but many I've tried are just […]

Birthday Macarons In Singapore – For My Dear Nephew Elliot Teo

Birthday Macarons In Singapore

Above: Durian and oreo macarons in Singapore, fit for a birthday party.    After letting many friends and loved ones try my singapore macarons, naturally I started getting more and more requests for my singapore macarons to appear in big occassions like weddings, birthday parties, or just friend's gatherings. And my nephew, Elliot Teo's birthday was no exception. […]

Catching Up With Ex Roomie Over Durian Macarons in Singapore

Durian Macarons In Singapore

Above: My ex NTU roomie David Tan and I. Look how he's smiling from ear to ear while holding the durian macarons…   To me, nothing beats spending time with a long time friend who reciprocates your friendship, and 3 years after we last met, we finally met again, over a plate of durian macarons! […]

Singapore Macarons Gift Sets For Nephew Darryl’s Birthday Guests

Singapore Macarons Gift Sets

Above: Passion Fruit (yellow), Lychee (pink). Durian (green) and Oreo (white) macarons   This week was my nephew Darryl Poh's birthday, and because he had malaysian relatives and friends coming over, his mom requested for some macaron gift sets to be given to them as gifts for showing up for his birthday. I didn't have […]

Wedding Macarons in Singapore for Jacobe and Esther

Wedding Macarons in Singapore for Jacobe and Esther

Above: A sample macaron I did for the wedding of Jacobe and Esther Jacobe and I got to know one another when we got together to do a song collaboration for (he's got very strong vocal muscles, believe me), and that was when I thought it'll be a good idea to do macarons for […]

Giant Durian Macarons in Singapore!

giant durian macarons in Singapore

Not sure what came over me this week, but I had this idea to do up a giant macaron dessert, very much like the giant macarons I saw in some dessert shops. Never attempted one before in my life, so here goes… I decided to make a mega durian macaron, wth durian butter cream and […]

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