Giant Macarons In Singapore – Like A Birthday Cake

Above: Mega macarons in singapore by


If you've ever seen the big huge macaron sold at Pauls (Takashimaya Singapore), you've seen nothing yet.

Presenting the mega macarons by

Giant Macarons In Singapore

The inspiration for this huge macaron is not to challenge that of Paul's, but it was the brainchild of a friend of mine, when he asked if he could order a cake sized macaron for his friend's farewell. And not wanting to disappoint him (and myself), I decided to give this a go.

Each of these shells are 5.5 inches in diameter, and they are tall due to the fact that they are supposed to represent a birthday cake. So what better way to represent them than to use the height of the strawberries to bring up the height?

Giant Macarons In Singapore

Above: The height of the "cake"


My friend's a genius… This "cake" actually kicked butt!

Giant Macarons In Singapore 

Above: Jacobe presenting the "cake" to his friend.


Giant Macarons In Singapore    Giant Macarons In Singapore

Above: The birthday girl, smiling from ear to ear


Given the fact that it's so well received, I believe I can do up more variations in future so people can have the choice of getting mega macarons in Singapore for their birthday.

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