Catching Up With Ex Roomie Over Durian Macarons in Singapore

Durian Macarons In Singapore

Above: My ex NTU roomie David Tan and I. Look how he's smiling from ear to ear while holding the durian macarons…   To me, nothing beats spending time with a long time friend who reciprocates your friendship, and 3 years after we last met, we finally met again, over a plate of durian macarons! […]

Giant Durian Macarons in Singapore!

giant durian macarons in Singapore

Not sure what came over me this week, but I had this idea to do up a giant macaron dessert, very much like the giant macarons I saw in some dessert shops. Never attempted one before in my life, so here goes… I decided to make a mega durian macaron, wth durian butter cream and […]

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