Giant Durian Macarons in Singapore!

Not sure what came over me this week, but I had this idea to do up a giant macaron dessert, very much like the giant macarons I saw in some dessert shops.

Never attempted one before in my life, so here goes…

I decided to make a mega durian macaron, wth durian butter cream and fresh durian puree. Below is the creation process:

giant durian macarons in Singapore

Step 1: Begin with 2 pieces of giant macaron shells. I've got 4 here, to make 2 mega durian macarons.


giant durian macarons in Singapore

Step 2: Layer the bottom with durian butter cream. Pipe them with a nozzle (this doesn't look pleasant, so more practise needed)


giant durian macarons in Singapore

Step 3: Fill the center with fresh durian puree. I piped them in using a huge round tip nozzle.


giant durian macarons in Singapore

Final Step: Presto! Put on the other half, and pipe some designs on the top with remaining durian butter cream. Done!


The end result tasted good, especially after it has chilled. But not being a huge fan of durian made this kind of hard to finish on my own (it measured 5 inches in diameter across!). And with so much durian cream and puree, it felt like the durian was the main dish while the macaron shells were there to compliment the durians.

It was supposed to be the otherway round. So it's back to the drawing board for me.

I'll be back to post an update to this, once I figured a better way. Till then, cheers!

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