Blue Velvet Oreo Cheese

Blue-Velvet-Oreo-Cheese Singapore Macarons

If you think velvets only come in red, think again. Introducing the Blue Velvet Oreo Cheese exclusively from If you’re a lover of cheese cakes, Oreo cookies, and chocolates, this is one flavour you don’t want to miss… Read More

Californian Pistachio

Californian-Pistachio Macaron In Singapore

The truth is, we HATE pistachio macarons. So many we tried on the market are coloured to look like pistachios, but have little to no actual pistachio taste. Which is why we painstakingly create our own pistachio pastes to bring you the best pistachio macarons you can find anywhere in the world today. Read More

Sea Salt Caramel

Seasalt-Caramel_Macarons In Singapore

Because a great flavour like this should not only exist in lattes, cupcakes toppings, or ice cream. Presenting the sea salt caramel macaron, one of our latest macaron flavours. So why sea salt? Our answer might just surprise you. Read More

Red Velvet Cream Cheese

Red-Velvet-Cream-Cheese Macarons In Singapore

Once only a best selling cupcake flavour, our red velvet cream cheese macarons are fast becoming a best selling macaron flavour at Try them to believe it! Read More

Chinese Lychee

Chinese-Lychee_Macarons In Singapore

Once an imperial fruit enjoyed only by the emperor of China and his concubines, the Chinese lychee can now be enjoyed by you and I. So why not enjoy the Chinese lychee in a macaron? Get them only from… Read More

Australian Passion Fruit

Australian-Passionfruit Singapore Macarons

Though grown in many parts of the world, the Australians are certainly the best at growing and harvesting passion fruits. After all, it’s part of their staple. And now, you can enjoy them in a macaron, only from Read More

Korean Strawberry

Korean-Strawberry Singapore Macarons

Korean strawberries have been the rage in recent years, so we figured out, why not use Korean strawberries in our macarons if that’s what the locals are going crazy over? Read More

Mexican Key Lime

Mexican-Keylime_Singapore Macarons

Just like our lemon zest macarons, if you’ve never liked macarons because you don’t have a sweet tooth, let these citrusy macarons change your mind. We promise you a heavenly macaron experience when you sink your teeth into them… Read More

Lemon Zest

Lemon-Zest Macarons In Singapore

If you have never liked macarons because you don’t have a sweet tooth, our lemon zest macarons might just change your mind. A delicate balance between sour and sweet, our lemon zest macarons will have you coming back for more… Read More

English Lavender

English-Lavender Macarons In Singapore

As rosemary is to the spirit, so is lavender to the soul. So how else better to enjoy a good dessert and refresh your soul than with an English Lavender macaron? Kill two birds with one stone with this one of a kind floral macaron. Read More

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